My other half by Jumana Emil Abboud

Location: Nordstadtpark

Languages: Arabic, English, German


My other half is a storytelling performance by lumbung artist Jumana Emil Abboud and her guests Yasmine Haj, Anna Sherbany, and Mounya Elbakay. Inspired by seven endangered natural water sources in Palestine, the performance incorporates folklore, contemporary experiences, co-authorship, and narrative continuity.

Special thanks to Sakiya art/science/agriculture, Issa Freij, Souabh Phadke, and the Water Diviners Palestine group.

This project was produced with the co-support of Bétonsalon – Center for Art and Research, Laureate of the Ville de Paris aux Récollets international residency program, Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy, and Jens Steuber and GaLaMa.

Invited guests

Yasmine Haj
Anna Sherbany
Mounya Elbakay


Nordstadtpark, 34127 Kassel



Location: Nordstadtpark

Languages: Arabic, English, German


ritual storytelling

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