Improvisation: Breathing Meditation by ook_ [reinaart vanhoe, Neue Brüderkirche, Espora, me_sobat, Colorlabor, graanschuur Tarwewijk, Elaine W. Ho, Bartira, Wok The Rock, COLLECTive, k. format, Take-A-Way, Plan B, Dynamitas unlimited, …]

Location: ook_visitor­Zentrum, Weserstraße 26


lumbung artist ook_ presents Breathing Meditation, an improvised piece created by Ursel Schlicht´s SonicExchange project during the pandemic. The piece deals with aspects of breath—free, restricted, suppressed—and attempted to create a meaningful creative connection across long distances at a time when physical meetings were impossible. Ursel Schlicht (piano), Catherine Sikora Mingus (tenor saxophone), and Andrew Drury (drums) will perform live and create site-specific versions of the piece. A sound installation they have developed for documenta fifteen will be premiered at Neue Brüderkirche.

Invited guests

Ursel Schlicht
SonicExchange Trio


Weserstraße 26, 34125 Kassel



live playing

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