Feinmechanik presents: Wert Der Erde / Dominio Vigente by Gudskul

Location: Friedrichsplatz Embassy

Languages: English, German


lumbung member Gudskul presents a screening of Dominio Vigente by Juan Mora Cid, a film about the unsolved conflict between the Chilean state and the Mapuche native people. This conflict goes back to the Spanish conquest and the colonizers’ efforts to impose their culture onto what they regarded “uncivilized” land.

The conflict—both political and cultural—reveals once more the inability of Western culture to coexist with other worldviews. The relationship of the Mapuche people with their territory and with nature is organic and ecological. It is, therefore, antagonistic to the values of global capitalism, whose understanding of nature responds to strictly commercial principles.

In the film, the Swiss-Chilean citizen Carlos Kindermann has returned to the Araucania region in Chile after 47 years. He returns to his childhood land, from which he was torn away before his adolescence. Not even the 3,000 thousand hectares of valuable territory he comes to receive as an inheritance from his recently deceased father can reverse the physical and mental exhaustion he brings from Europe. Kindermann wants to sell his property quickly and forget this journey as soon as possible. After an encounter with the Mapuche, however, he finds himself caught between two antagonistic world views and is forced to choose a side.

Invited guests

Wert der Erde


10am–12pm in German

12pm–2pm in English



Friedrichsplatz, 34117 Kassel



Location: Friedrichsplatz Embassy

Languages: English, German

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