Daydreaming workstation (for adults) by OFF-Biennale Budapest

Location: Bootsverleih Ahoi

Languages: English


Daydreaming takes up one-third to one-half of all our waking hours. We disconnect and travel somewhere else in our heads as a response to burnout or fatigue. But we can also use daydreaming consciously to connect creativity and critical thinking. The large textile and rope installation by Eva Koťátková gives space for such collective and individual dreaming during the workshop led by the artist. The workshop is part of lumbung member OFF-Biennale Budapest‘s WHATIFS and WHYNOTS: OFF-Playground project.

Invited guests

Eva Koťátková


Between Blücherstraße 20 and 22, 34123 Kassel



Location: Bootsverleih Ahoi

Languages: English


conversing gathering

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