CANCELED: Commoning Curatorial and Artistic Education #3

Location: Hafenstraße 76 CAMP space

Languages: English


Program information

Due to current circumstances revolving around the COVID-19 pandemic, all events up to and including Wednesday, June 29, 2022 are being canceled as a precautionary measure.

We ask for your understanding.


This program is part of a lecture series by the Shared Campus platform, Zurich University of the Arts, as part of one of the Summer Schools of CAMP notes on education:

Concerning the commoning aspect of this Summer School, approaches as by the feminist thinker Silvia Federici are negotiated. She identified commons as the shared goods and knowledges of deviant groups. A renewed thinking about the commons is linked to movements of self-organisation and resistance and is now inspiring, different cultural, artistic, and curatorial events. Can the art field introduce together with activist movements, the projection of living together in a communal way, sharing resources and knowledges?

Collaborative formations: the Feral Atlas Experiment: Why do collaborative and collective knowledge practices matter more than ever in the Anthropocene? What role do curators have to play in giving form to such possibilities?

Co-curator, Jennifer Deger will discuss the making of Feral Atlas, a deliberately layered and sometimes discordant approach to apprehending the Anthropocene in formation. With digital exuberance the atlas holds onto the value of place-based evidence, embracing profoundly different genres and traditions of knowledge to promote composite perspectives and communities of practice—without imposing hierarchies of value and truth from afar.

You can find more information on the website of CAMP notes on education.

Invited guests

Jennifer Deger


CAMP space

Hafenstraße 76, 34125 Kassel



Location: Hafenstraße 76 CAMP space

Languages: English


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