Bad Politics and Good Ice Cream: Scoops of Latinx-Asias in Kassel by ook_ [reinaart vanhoe, Neue Brüderkirche, Espora, me_sobat, Colorlabor, graanschuur Tarwewijk, Elaine W. Ho, Bartira, Wok The Rock, COLLECTive, k. format, Take-A-Way, Plan B, Dynamitas unlimited, …], Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture

Location: ook_visitor­Zentrum, Weserstraße 26

Languages: English, French


lumbung artist ook_ hosts a wicked exchange of bad politics with good ice cream—or is it good politics with bad ice cream? Together with friends from Southeast Asia and Latin America, they mourn over mutual sociopolitical struggle while tasting bespoke weird ice creams representing flavors from their home regions. Flavors may include wasabi-chili, Chilean protest completa, Thai anchovy with three finger tiramisù, soya sauce honey, Hong Kong tear gas with toasted sesame, and more.

Invited guests

Namkheun Collective
黑書眾 Black Book Assembly
阅览室 Reading Room
半路咖啡 Halfway Cafe
Carolin Angulo Hammes
Naomi Segal
Clara Jo
Satsuki Imai


Weserstraße 26, 34125 Kassel



Location: ook_visitor­Zentrum, Weserstraße 26

Languages: English, French


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