St. Kunigundis Roman Catholic Church, completed in 1927 in the district of Bettenhausen, is thought to be the first church built in Germany with prestressed concrete and is therefore listed on the historic register. The building survived World War II practically undamaged.

The group Atis Rezistans | Ghetto Biennale from Haiti is using the location. In the interior of the church, the artists are installing mixed-media sculptures.

Opening Hours

Daily from 10 am to 8 pm


Leipziger Str. 145, 34123 Kassel



The entrance to the church is wheelchair accessible by means of a ramp (approx. 7.5% incline). If you need assistance, please contact our staff. The two steps to the altar are accessible via a ramp. The gallery is accessible only by means of a spiral staircase.

No bathrooms are available.

You can find a detailed map of the city of Kassel here (in German language). Selection in the topic layer “Themen-Layer”: Verkehr & Mobilität + Behindertenparkplätze


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