Frankfurter Straße / Fünffenster­straße (Underpass)


From the 1950s, Kassel’s pedestrian zones were banished underground to create more space for cars. The underpass where Fünffensterstraße and Frankfurter Straße merge is a good example of the misguided urban planning of the postwar era. Colorful tiles do nothing to improve the dreariness of the tunnel, which is illuminated at night, but pedestrians are at least offered a safe footpath away from motor traffic.

Black Quantum Futurism, from Philadelphia, USA, is using the pipes of the underpass for a sound installation, and have created a room in which visitors can leave spoken messages.

Opening Hours

Daily from 10 am to 8 pm


Frankfurter Straße / Fünffensterstraße



The work in the underpass is partially wheelchair accessible by means of three ramps, the slope of about 12% must be respected. The entrance to the room is not accessible at ground level due to a hurdle at the entrance.

No bathrooms are available.

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