Jenny Brockmann: Entanglement 4 #MELODY

Location: ruruHaus Basement

Languages: English, German


Melody, in music, is the aesthetic product of a given succession of pitches in musical time, implying rhythmically ordered movement from pitch to pitch. The event Entanglement4: #Melody is the ruruHaus iteration of the project Bypass by Jenny Brockmann and is an interdisciplinary project in collaboration with lumbung member Jatiwangi art Factory.

Elements of the project Bypass are kinetic sculptures in the form of seating circles with 12 seats (Jenny Brockmann: Seat#12), which are set up at ruruHaus as well as in the prison of Kassel. The balance of the sculptures depends on the interaction of those seated. Experts, activists, artists, and visitors from the neighborhood are invited to participate in the workshop Entanglement4: #Melody, a so-called discursive performance. Time, rhythm, and processes of exchange with the world around us will be thematized and experimented with. For the connection of the interior of the detention center with the ruruHaus a special kind of clay (in Indonesian: Tanah) plays a central role. The clay is transformed into sounds and can thus establish a connection to rhythm and time.

Participants: Małgorzata Jabłońska (visual artist), Józef Gałązka (sculptor), Piotr Szewczyk (multimedia artist), Justyna Domasłowska (activist, director of Dom Kultury Foundation), Antoni Burzyński (curator, board member of Tadeusz Kantor Foundation), Anke Neuber (sociologist), Filip Caranica (artist, composer), Jatiwangi Art Factory (lumbung member) and inmates of the women‘ s prison JVA Kassel I.

With the kind support of: Kasseler Sparkasse, Thadeusz Kantor Foundation, Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the city of Kassel.



Obere Königsstraße 43, 34117 Kassel



Location: ruruHaus Basement

Languages: English, German


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