IN : ACT Bến Ngọc Thụỵ by Nhà Sàn Collective

Location: WH22 Nha San Queer House

Languages: English, Vietnamese


Together with families and friends from Hanoi and Kassel, lumbung artist Nhà Sàn Collective has a pleasure to invite visitors to IN : ACT performance event in the queer house “ưhưh22” in WH22. Nha San Collective artists Quynh Dong, Nguyễn Thuỷ Tiên, Đinh Thảo Linh, Kiều-Anh Nguyễn (Kanh), Lem TragNguyen, Giang Nguyễn, Phan Đông Thái, and Nguyễn Quốc Thành, as well as special guests Satsuki Imai and Tomo will be present.

Visitors are invited to join celebrating ưhưh22 queer wedding party. The collective encourages the visitors to marry as many times and as many partners as possible on this special day, the marriage certificate are ready. This is also the queer house’s farewell public event. The event takes place in both Kassel and Hanoi the day after.

Invited guests

Quynh Dong
Phan Đông Thái
Satsuki Imai
Giang Nguyễn
Kiều-Anh Nguyễn (Kanh)
Đinh Thảo Linh
Nguyễn Thuỷ Tiên
Lem TragNguyen
Nguyễn Quốc Thành


Nha San Queer House

Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22, 34117 Kassel



Location: WH22 Nha San Queer House

Languages: English, Vietnamese

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