G/hosting the Past by Atis Rezistans | Ghetto Biennale

Location: St. Kunigundis

Languages: English


Starting from the dialectics of (dis)possession that connect Haitian and German intellectual, cultural, and material heritages, this event by lumbung artist Atis Rezistans | Ghetto Biennale engages in joint historiographical experimentation of artists and academics.

To actualize the hidden heritages, silenced (hi)stories, and unrealized potentials haunting exhibitions like the Ghetto Biennale and documenta, it asks how we can converse with the (un)dead ghosts from the past to haunt the future.

Invited guests

Brook Andrew
Hannah Arendt
Ernst Barlach
Walter Benjamin
Tom Bogaert
Susan Buck-Morss
Eva Busch
Nanne Buurman
Yahima Piedra Cordoy
John Cussans
Jacques Derrida
Edouard Duval-Carrie
Andre Eugene
Sibylle Fischer
Avery Gordon
Leah Gordon
Stefano Harney
G.W.F. Hegel
Nalo Hopkinson
Pedro Lash
Toussaint Louverture
Chis Marker
Karl Marx
Elizabeth McAlister
Kobena Mercer
Toni Morrison
Fred Moten
Sun Ra
Herr von Rehtanz
Alain Resnais
Jean Rhys
Laia RiCa
Michel-Rolph Trouillot
Gina Athena Ulysse
Wilhelm Worringer, and others.


Leipziger Str. 145, 34123 Kassel



Location: St. Kunigundis

Languages: English


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