Film program by Arts Collaboratory

Location: Gloria-Kino

Languages: English, Spanish


A selection of three films from the ekosistem of lumbung artists Arts Collaboratory invited by its organizations.

From Colombia Llugar a dudas recommends Dopamina, a movie by Natalia Imery Almario. Cráter Invertido from Mexico shows their own movie called Vacaciones permanentes. And Álvaro Castillo together with Andrés Villalobos who are part of the Arts Collaboratory ekosistem present Safari, a movie of their own making.


6 pm: Dopamina (Length: 82 min.),
Vacaciones permanentes (Length: 36 min.)
8 pm:
Safari (Length: 32 min.) followed by conversation


Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 3, 34117 Kassel



Location: Gloria-Kino

Languages: English, Spanish


conversing screening

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