Are there role models? Wilhelm Hammann: Teacher – Communist – “Righteous Among the Nations”

Location: ruruHaus Basement

Languages: German


People make their own history, and it is the social circumstances that determine their options for action. This basic insight leads us to deal with individuals as well, especially when their actions led to the rescue of several hundred children and young people in an almost hopeless situation in the Buchenwald concentration camp. Wilhelm Hammann, born 125 years ago in Biebesheim in southern Hesse, is such a person. As a teacher and communist, he was creative and turned towards people, was persecuted for his political convictions, but remained resistant. Why he was included in the remembrance project of the Israeli memorial Yad Vashem „Righteous among the Nations” and what his biography can still tell us today will be discussed in this evening.

A joint event of the Association of the Persecuted of the Nazi Regime – League of Anti-Fascists (VVN-BdA) and the Buchenwald-Dora Camp Community/ Circle of Friends.



Obere Königsstraße 43, 34117 Kassel



Location: ruruHaus Basement

Languages: German


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