lumbung knowledge: sharing of knowledge at documenta fifteen

As a pooled collective resource, lumbung combines not only, time, ideas, and human resources, but also knowledge. lumbung knowledge collects all offers and projects of documenta fifteen based on the production and sharing of knowledge between visitors, art mediators, lumbung artists and different initiatives from Kassel and the world.

The sobat-sobat, the art mediators of documenta fifteen, play a crucial role in lumbung knowledge. sobat-sobat is an Indonesian word meaning friends. As friends, the sobat-sobat accompany visitors and artists during the 100 days of the exhibition. In dialogue and through the practice of storytelling, they are an active and creative part of lumbung knowledge and its cosmology. Together with the participants, they experience encounters, build bridges, and discover new approaches.

Offers and projects of lumbung knowledge:

Exhibition Walks: Walks and Stories

Walks and Stories are the exhibition walks of documenta fifteen, which take place several times a day and in different languages. Together with the sobat-sobat, visitors explore and experience spaces, stories, and practices of lumbung.

Barrier-free offers

Barrier-free offers include Walks and Stories in easy language, German Sign Language, International Sign, with induction loop hearing support, with descriptive and multi-sensory content, and while seated. The sobat-sobat are trained in nonverbal communication, active listening; they also take part in sensitivity workshops.

Offers for school classes

For school classes, documenta fifteen offers exhibition walks and workshop tours in which the practice of lumbung is conveyed. Together with the art mediators sobat-sobat, the groups discover diverse exhibition content and enter into dialogue with each other.


Share knowledge, make friends, play, and relax: RURUKIDS invites babies, children, and adults. In collaboration with lumbung artists, Kassel-based initiatives, and the art mediators sobat-sobat, RURUKIDS builds a space for performances for and by children, making music together, film screenings, and readings.

Fridericianum as a school: Fridskul

Over the course of 100 days, artists activate the Fridericianum. The former exhibition building has been renamed Fridskul: Under this title, artists and collectives present various possibilities and models of a horizontally oriented education. Here, lumbung as a central practice can be experienced.

CAMP notes on education

As a glocal network, CAMP notes on education explores impulses for structural changes in the field of cultural education. CAMP questions the foundations and practices of Arts Mediation and is looking for ways to learn in and from collectives and in community-based processes.

Composting Knowledge

Composting Knowledge is an ongoing experimental network for knowledge production, initiated by the ruruHaus in Kassel. Based on the idea of collectively cultivated compost, it aims to generate beneficial soils to be spread in order to activate and grow local and interlocal projects as well as cooperations among the network.

Accreditation for the documenta fifteen preview days open until May 15, 2022

Accreditation for media representatives and professional visitors for the documenta fifteen preview days is available until Sunday, May 15, 2022. The preview days will take place from Wednesday, June 15–Friday, 17, 2022.

Online form for the accreditation request

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