Offers for school classes

School Walks & Workshop tours

School Walks – Exhibition tours for school classes

Exhibition tours for school classes, so-called School Walks, comprise a 2-hour tour that includes a visit to various documenta fifteen venues. Together with the art mediators sobat-sobat, the groups discover diverse exhibition content and enter into dialogue with each other.

This exhibition walk is designed for all age groups. You need a valid exhibition ticket to participate.

All offers for school classes can be found here.

School Workshop tour Can Situations

The interdisciplinary workshop tour for school classes from Hesse includes a 3-hour tour to various documenta fifteen venues combined with a workshop. The workshop tours are interdisciplinary and specifically designed for all school levels. Young people are given creative approaches to the connection between socio-political issues and art. Connections between one’s own living environment and the exhibition are in the foreground and will be established.

Participation in the workshop tour is free of charge for all participating persons.

This offer is aimed exclusively at schools from Hesse and is sponsored by Löwenstark and Volkswagen ART4ALL.

All offers for school classes can be found here.

A black and white drawing with many school bags lying on the floor as a mountain.

Offers for school classes, Drawing by Daniella Fitria Praptono, 2022

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