About documenta

documenta is an art exhibition
in the city of Kassel in Germany.
This art exhibition takes place every 5 years.

documenta is on for 100 days.
During that time you will find
many interesting pieces of art all over the city.

An art exhibition is a special event.
People can do many different things there.

For example:

  • They can have a look at various pieces of art.
  • They can talk to other people.
  • And they can take part in the event.

Pieces of art can be many different things.
For example:

  • Paintings
  • Photography
  • Films
  • Art figures
  • Or special events
    People can talk to each other there, for example.

About documenta 15

The next documenta takes place this year.
It is called documenta 15.

Sometimes we write the name in words: documenta fifteen.
You can see these words on this website.
They are at the top of this page on the right.

documenta 15 takes place from 18th June
to 25th September 2022.

About ruangrupa

ruangrupa is pronounced this way: ru ang ru pa.
This is the name of one group of artists.

These artists are from the city of Jakarta.
Jakarta is the capital city of the country of Indonesia in Asia.

This year ruangrupa are the artistic directors for documenta 15.

Ajeng Nurul Aini, farid rakun, Iswanto Hartono, Mirwan Andan, Indra Ameng, Ade Darmawan, Daniella Fitria Praptono, Julia Sarisetiati and Reza Afisina of ruangrupa

Artists are people who make pieces of art.
These are for example:

  • They make paintings.
  • They build figurines.
  • They make films.
  • They work together with other people.
  • Or they do various things
    to make the life of many people better.

Artistic directors are the people
who organise an art exhibition.
That means:

  • They make plans for the art exhibition.
  • They choose the pieces of art
    for the exhibition.
  • And they talk to people
    about the pieces of art.

The history of ruangrupa

ruangrupa started their work in the year 2000.
That means: They have been working
for more than 20 years already.
During that time, they have been doing many different things.
For example:

  • taken part in art exhibitions.
  • worked with many different artists.
  • They also have their own radio station.
    The radio station was part of documenta 14.

ruangrupa’s work

There are problems:

  • in the city of Jakarta
  • and in many cities around the world.

Most people do not know about these problems.
Or perhaps they do not know what to do about these problems.

ruangrupa believes:

  • People should know more about these problems
  • And they should do something about these problems.
    That means they need to work together.

That is why ruangrupa holds many art events.
Many different people meet at these events.
Then they start to do something about these problems together.

The documenta commission likes how ruangrupa works.
That is why they decided to make ruangrupa
the artistic directors for documenta 15.

The documenta commission is a special group of people
from all over the world.
They know much about pieces of art.
At documenta 15, they have various tasks.
For example:

  • They work together with the management
    of documenta.
  • They help the management with their work.
  • And they decide who is going to be
    the next documenta’s artistic director group.

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