The Chain by Trampoline House

Location: Hübner areal Trampoline House

Languages: English


In the workshop The Chain by lumbung member Trampoline House, participants will write and perform theater sketches about life in the European asylum system. Shakira Kasigwa Mukamusoni will give a presentation of the video and theater projects she has done with teenagers in the Danish deportation centers in the Spring of 2022. Projects that communicate what the teenagers are going through in the camps and how the camps make them depressed, stressed, and anxious. All the teenagers dream of leaving the camp system and getting a residence permit, which would give them the same rights to safety, development, and education as children with citizenship. But they find themselves stuck in a discriminatory system, which feels like a chain around their neck. They constantly live with the fear of being deported.

Invited guests

Shakira Kasigwa Mukamusoni


Trampoline House

Agathofstraße 15, 34123 Kassel



Location: Hübner areal Trampoline House

Languages: English



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