Workshop with Petra Liebehenz: Heilsames Intuitives Malen – Spüre den kreativen Flow

Location: ruruHaus basement

Languages: German


With playful ease, visitors dive into the realm of colors and shapes and experiment with different crayons on the paper. With the inner critic turned off , visitors can give themselves over to dynamic painting.

Healing Intuitive Painting is primarily about getting into a process and to be in contact with yourself – to give free rein to your very own creativity. Intuitive painting allows you to surrender to the flow of painting, to open yourself to what shows itself in the doing and emerges in the process. Visitors are invited to come by and discover their own creativity – with ease, without pressure to perform, expectations and evaluation. Everything can, nothing must.

The artist collective H.I.M. consists of 5 women who came together from different disciplines and regions in an online training to learn “Healing Intuitive Painting, according to Ulrike Hirsch”. Each of them has gone through her personal path change to now pass on this wonderful way of expression.


Previous knowledge or artistic talent is not required. There will be a short introduction to the topic, as well as a practical introduction.



Obere Königsstraße 43, 34117 Kassel



Location: ruruHaus basement

Languages: German


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