Funken zu Flammen. Artists Research – ABA 10 +1 Years – Book Launch

Location: ruruHaus Entrance via Treppenstraße

Languages: English


“Perhaps this book holds a place in a room, or in the text of another book; perhaps it is in the sound of radio tunes, or in the pc-mouse’s clicking through a blog. It rests for a moment, in between certainty and wonder, to encounter anew what has been edited over ten years; where one’s own voice challenges the noise of the city, where our good friend, the night, pioneered the sun, and sparks turned into flames.”

ABA is an artist-led initiative that reflects on contemporary art and culture in the form of ABA Salons. These processual and open-formed gatherings, and the free exchange between all participants, characterize their work. With their events they move nomadically through the city and enter various public and private spaces in Berlin for temporary artistic use. Funken Zu Flammen documents 75 Salons in 48 places held between 2010 – 2021.


Access: Ground-level entrance via Obere Königsstraße. The entrance via Treppenstraße is not wheelchair accessible as there are several steps, but the second level of ruruHaus can be reached via an in-house elevator (140 x 160 cm).


Entrance via Treppenstraße

Obere Königsstraße 43, 34117 Kassel



Location: ruruHaus Entrance via Treppenstraße

Languages: English


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