Forum Wissen goes documenta fifteen | saujana membumi – Exploring Sustainability

Location: ruruHaus Entrance via Treppenstraße

Languages: English, German


In the exhibition Saujana Membumi – Exploring Sustainability shown at the Forum Wissen of University of Göttingen and partner project of documenta fifteen, science, art, and society explore together new ways of sustainability.

Using the tropical rainforests and oil palm plantations in Indonesia as an example, scientists, and artists are investigating the central question: How can environmental protection and the needs of the local population be reconciled in such a way that they promote sustainability? The combination of scientific and artistic practices opens up different perspectives and leads into the long-term sustainability project Sustainable Village of documenta fifteen in Indonesia.

2–3 pm Presentations
Behind the Science
with Prof. Dr. Alexander Knohl, Dr. Fabian Brambrach, Prof. Dr. Meike Wollni

Sustainable Village project
with Prof. Dr. Meike Wollni, Dr. Jana Juhrbandt

3–3.30 pm Panel discussion
Reflection on Art and Science with Dr. Marie Luise Allemeyer, Prof. Dr. Alexander Knohl, Dr. Christian Stiegler, Dr. Michael Fürst, Prof. Dr. Meike Wollni, Dr. Fabian Brambach, Dr. med. Boris Barbarics, Dr. Johanna Hummel, Nina-Maria Knohl, Dr. Jana Juhrbandt

3–6 pm Workshops
Create your own herbarium with Dr. Fabian Brambach
Scientists create herbaria for the identification of plant species. The collected plants are prepared and thus preserved. Fabian Brambach will introduce the techniques.

Get a Blueprint – Cyanotype
with Dr. med. Boris Barbarics
Cyanotype is a photographic printing process from the 19th century that creates images in blue and white. Using the materials available, plants, and impressions from Indonesia, visitors can create exciting cyanotypes.

Make your own Print Design
– Linocut (Dr. Johanna Hummel, Nina-Maria Knohl)
Linocuts are simple printing plates that anyone can make themselves. The printing plates of all visitors will be used to create a common archive of forms. Those who wish can contribute their cuts and create designs with the print templates of others.

Partly barrier-free


Ground-level entrance via Obere Königsstraße. The entrance via Treppenstraße is not wheelchair accessible as there are several steps, but the second level of ruruHaus can be reached via an in-house elevator (140 x 160 cm).


Entrance via Treppenstraße

Obere Königsstraße 43, 34117 Kassel



Location: ruruHaus Entrance via Treppenstraße

Languages: English, German


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