Come on: citizenship assembly by ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics

Location: Hiroshima-Ufer (Karlsaue)

Languages: English, German


At the citizenship Assembly by lumbung member ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics, people from the ship and from the shore will share stories and experiences from the multi-week journey of the citizenship from Berlin to Kassel.

For 44 days the citizenship has been on the water from Berlin in the direction of Kassel, covering more than 400 kilometers and stopping at more than 30 stations. On July 4, the citizenship entered the Weser in Minden and ran into trouble: a strong counter-current and shallows slowed down the journey to a few kilometers per day. In addition, the extreme drought caused the water level of the Weser to drop drastically, and the ship was prohibited to continue. The journey of the citizenship fatefully shows the current climate situation: first too much water in the buoyancy bodies, then no more water to move forward on it.

Parallel to the events on the water, documenta fifteen in Kassel is drawing to a close after 100 days. For the last few months, visitors to the Hiroshima-Ufer in Kassel were able to follow and interact with the ship in a live stream. Now, the crew would like to work together collectively with all those involved in the project to send images from Kassel’s shore to the citizenship. All actors along the route, all crew members and all those interested in the project are invited to remember the citizenship’s journey and think about its future together.

Invited guests

citizenship Crew


Hiroshima-Ufer, Auedamm, 34121 Kassel



Location: Hiroshima-Ufer (Karlsaue)

Languages: English, German


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