Archive of Encounters by ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics, Arts Collaboratory

Location: ruruHaus Reno (Entrance via Treppenstraße)

Languages: English, German


documenta archiv in cooperation with the Produktionsgemeinschaft nota, and lumbung members ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics and Arts Collaboratory invite the visitors to their event Archive of Encounters.

In a participatory process the assembly software nota is tested as an archiving and mediation tool for ephemeral art. From August 22 to August 28, the event will take place on the upper floor (entrance Treppenstraße) of ruruHaus. Artists, exhibition visitors, and scholars are invited to arrange and record their specific experiences and memories of documenta fifteen in the software nota.

The experimental setup poses the question of which digital archiving tools ephemeral art requires and whether it is possible to give a digital space to the encounters and the very different perspectives that contemporary art provokes.

In particular, the event focusses on the artistic contributions to documenta fifteen of the lumbung member Arts Collaboratory and ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics. These are processual actions that develop and change over a longer period of time, some of which started several months ago and are still unfinished. With nota this multi-perspective process will be visualized: With media data the lumbung members provide, two digital spaces are created in which these data can be experienced and different perspectives on the collected material can be discovered. In a next step, these spaces will be supplemented, expanded, and (re)organized by visitors on site with further material and perspectives. Digital material in the form of photo, audio, or video files can be brought along, but can also be generated on site, and it is also possible to digitize analog material.

The production group nota (VOLL:MILCH, Nils Bultjer, Melissa Köhler)has been working on the open-source software nota in an interdisciplinary community for several years and the members are now further developing the software as a community project in nota association.

With kind support of experimente# digital – a cultural initiative of the Aventis Foundation

Invited guests

Dr. Tabea Lurk
Dr. Barbara Büscher
Dr. Carolin Bohlmann
Dr. Gunnar Heydenreich
Crew members of the Citizenship (by ZK/U)
members of nota Community


Reno (Entrance via Treppenstraße)

Obere Königsstraße 43, 34117 Kassel



Location: ruruHaus Reno (Entrance via Treppenstraße)

Languages: English, German


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