38. Kasseler Dokfest: Monitoring: Myth and Microgravity

Location: ruruHaus shop window, Obere Königsstraße 43, 34117 Kassel



Alles Muss Raus, Kassel, 2021, Photo: Fritz Eggenwirth, Josha Lohrengel

For the second time, documenta fifteen is collaborating with the 38. Kasseler Dokfest, which will take place on-site from November 16­–21, 2021, and online until November 26. Together with the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, documenta fifteen hosts a selection of projects.

In the shop window of ruruHaus, two works are shown that were created in the Kassel project space Autohaus Autohaus and exhibited as part of Dokfest’s Monitoring–Exhibition for Time-Based Media Art.


In real time, Sinemsu Ateșoğlu documents the creation of a window in a two-channel video. It seems to take a perceived eternity. And yet the juxtaposition of the interior and exterior views invites the viewer to eagerly await the breakthrough. It is at the same time a metaphorical reappraisal of creating new perspectives at the window, as well as an illustration of the work and effort actually put into the object.

Alles Muss Raus

The second work was shot by Josha Lohrengel and Fritz Eggenwirth. The result is a biting information commercial for real estate investors, peppered with ironic commentary. The Autohaus Autohaus members present their business model: To relieve future customers of any work so that they can make a profit with gentrifying effects. Young artists with their penchant for self-exploitation seem to fulfill exactly what the target group dreams of: they are multi-talented, resilient, well-connected, ambitious and have a pen-chant for perfection. And best of all, they do it all completely free of charge! The video was created in response to the sudden cancellation of Autohaus Autohaus, which came just as everything was being finalized. The dystopian reality that the project will have to give way to more profitable uses is now, unfortunately, unstoppable.

All events of the 38. Kasseler Dokfest and further information can be found here.

Opening hours

Between Wednesday November 17, 2021, and Sunday November 21, 2021 the exhibition can be viewed at any time in the shop window of ruruHaus.


ruruHaus shop window, Obere Königsstraße 43, 34117 Kassel


Location: ruruHaus shop window, Obere Königsstraße 43, 34117 Kassel


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