Village Cinema – Turn Left Turn Right by Sa Sa Art Projects

Location: Sandershaus/Haferkakao­fabrik

Languages: English, Khmer


lumbung artist Sa Sa Art Projects presents Turn Left Turn Right (2016, 68 min.) by director Douglas Seok as part of their Village Cinema. Kanitha, free-spirited Cambodian woman in her 20s, lives in modern-day Phnom Penh, working multiple jobs and choosing to live how she pleases.

However, her mother wants her to settle down and get married, and Kanitha seems ambivalent towards her father’s deteriorating health. Conflict seems inevitable, but Kanitha dreams up an idea born from childhood memories of her father. Turn Left Turn Right is structured as an album, with tracks and sounds influencing the form. The film weaves Cambodian rock songs together with motifs of family, nature, and boundless imagination.


In Khmer with English subtitles.


Sandershäuser Str. 79, 34123 Kassel



Location: Sandershaus/Haferkakao­fabrik

Languages: English, Khmer



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