Ella Manzheeva: Farewell – eight songs about Bogdo mountain by Saodat Ismailova

Location: Fridericianum Saodat Ismailova

Languages: English


“The culture of my people cannot depend on the state. The spirits of the earth and the memory of the ancestors do not belong to the territory. The only salvation is to keep the tradition, to become the most living tradition.”

Ella Manzheev’s performance Farewell – eight songs about Mount Bogdo is a farewell to her Motherland. Manzheev, who was invited to documenta fifteen by lumbung artist Saodat Ismailova, gives a modern interpretation of archaic Kalmyk songs.

Invited guests

Ella Manzheeva


Saodat Ismailova

Friedrichsplatz 18, 34117 Kassel



Location: Fridericianum Saodat Ismailova

Languages: English


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