Question of Funding

Question of Funding was born out of Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center (KSCC, Ramallah), a leading Palestinian arts and culture organization that aims to create a pluralistic, critical culture through research, query, and participation.

Illustration of the Question of Funding

Question of Funding, The Question of Funding, 2020

It provides an open space for the community to produce vibrant and liberating cultural content. KSCC is located in Ramallah but has extended its activities to Birzeit, Gaza City, and Bethlehem.

About their practice, Question of Funding say: “We have been trying to figure out how collectives that are formed organically can extend to the community, how to scale up horizontally while keeping a skeletal body that takes the task of accumulating knowledge produced and shared through the collectives. We begin from the question of funding as a way to engage culturally with politics and economy, rethinking funding and re-proposing it as a value that grows through community engagement and collective movement.”

Over the past two decades, KSCC has hosted a multitude of events, including art exhibitions, festivals, performances, concerts, film screenings, and poetry readings. It has gained a strong reputation nationally, especially in the field of visual arts, where the primary focus has been on nurturing new talents.

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